Sister Mary Regina, Mother Superior  -  Amy Facey

Sister Mary Hubert, Mistress of the Novices  -  Kathi Such

Sister Robert Anne  -  Lea Oppedisano

Sister Mary Amnesia  -  Mary DeManbey

Sister Mary Leo  -  Brianna Stronk
   Director - Meghan Maki

   Musical Director - Amy Crawford

   Choreographer - Julian Miller

   Stage Manager - Paul Leone 

   Production Assistant - Nicole St. Amand

   Production Assistant - Sarina Such
Amy Facey and Lea Oppedisano
    Brianna      Amy         Lea                 Mary

Mary DeManbey

         Brianna Stronk
   AAmy Facey                               Kathi Such                         Lea Oppedisano
   Mary DeManbey                         Brianna Stronk